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C. Kubasta

A poet, fiction writer, & occasional reviewer, Kubasta lives, writes & teaches in central Wisconsin.

New short story collection Abjectification

coming Fall 2020!

Abjectification resides somewhere between #METOO and #I CONCUR, a modern macrocosm where female characters mutate from animals and changelings to “reverse-ghost-women” who “bleed for days but never die.” This story collection both excites and paralyzes the libido. While men in these stories are terrified of girls and women, readers of all genders will be seduced by them and either ruined or restored. Therein lies the risk associated with reading a book so hauntingly and dangerously gorgeous. Whether to trust these female protagonists is up to the reader’s discretion, perhaps the most tantalizing literary proposition I’ve faced in some time.”


     Laura Jean Baker, author of The Motherhood Affidavits: A Memoir 

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Of Covenants

All Beautiful & Useless


 A Lovely Box


This Business of the Flesh


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This Business of the Flesh

“C. Kubasta’s This Business of the Flesh is so compelling and engaging that I read it straight through. You don’t have to be a dog person to appreciate how much she knows about dogs, because she knows plenty about the human species too, and she certainly knows how to write about the human body and its desires. Her novel is smart and funny and irresistible, with plenty of room for all kinds of life-forms.”
                    — Valerie Sayers, author of The Powers and Brain Fever

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